March 2024: PFAS Free

Important info on PFAS and fabrics from Marlen Textiles

March 2024 News Release


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PFAS Laws & Fabric Changes

Forever Chemicals and Marlen Textiles

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You’ve probably already heard about PFAS chemicals in fabric use and their harmful effects, and how varying state laws have required manufacturers to swap-out various components of those fabrics.

Some PFAS-free replacements can make those newer versions of fabrics’ performance inferior to what you’re used to. Water and oil repellency may decrease while crazing may increase. Complying to a confusing array of newer state laws can cause a lot of anxiety for fabricators that are used to delivering end-products with superior performance.

If you’re caught in this dilemma, there is good news. TOP GUN, ODYSSEY and SOFTOUCH contain NO PFAS . . . since the very first day we launched these fabric lines. Never have. Never will.

You heard right: When it comes to PFAS: TOP GUN, ODYSSEY and SOFTOUCH were always manufactured PFAS-free.

Bypass the stressful and risky process of wondering if replacement PFAS-free fabrics will be inferior quality. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing you can use proven, strong, industry-standard fabrics that stand the test of time. Have more questions? Click here for answers.

For an updated statement from Marlen Textiles on PFAS and their fabrics, please click here.


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TOP GUN, ODYSSEY and SOFTOUCH: PFAS-free. From the Beginning.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact us at 573-237-4444 or For a limited subset of other Marlen Textiles fabrics, we are aggressively researching solutions to replace the small amount of PFAS chemicals that were used as part of their water-repellent treatment. Marlen Textiles’ goal is to have this small group of remaining fabrics PFAS-free by the end of 2024. We look forward to facilitating your needs, and together, making our world a better place in which to live.


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