Softouch™ and Softouch™ SD Fabric Colors

We offer many stock SOFTOUCH™ and SOFTOUCH™ SD fabric colors. If you don't find a color to match your needs, custom colors are available.

Softouch™ Fabric Colors

soft-980 royal blue

980 Royal Blue

soft-998 harbor blue

998 Harbor Blue

soft-999 birch

999 Birch

soft-908 taupe

908 Taupe

soft-989 silver grey

989 Silver Gray

soft-992 charcoal

992 Charcoal

soft-949 black

949 Black

soft-987 white

987 White

SOFTOUCH SD™ Fabric Colors


9649 Black


9692 Charcoal


9648 Silver Gray


9680 Pacific Blue


9674 Navy

soft-987 white

9687 White

Color swatches are an approximation. To see the exact color of the fabric, please request a sample card.