Top Notch® Compared to Other Solution Dyed Fabrics

TOP NOTCH® fabric outperforms every other solution dyed fabric on the market by a great margin. The material is 840 denier solution dyed woven polyester that is extremely strong, durable, tear resistant, abrasion resistant and dimensionally stable and weathers exceptionally better. Take a look at the charts below to see how TOP NOTCH® compares in Tongue Tear, Tensile Tear, 3 Drop Hydrostatic Rating and Taber Abrasion vs. five of the most popular solution dyed fabrics on the market. At the bottom of the page is a chart with even more data. Find out why TOP NOTCH® is the fastest growing solution dyed fabric on the market.

TOP NOTCH® weathered is stronger than new acrylics!

TOP NOTCH® maintains its water resistance with weathering!

TOP NOTCH® has superior abrasion resistance to everyone!

TOP NOTCH® Tongue Tear's start and stay stronger!

Comparison Chart

  TOP NOTCH® Domestic Solution Dyed Acrylic WeatherMax 80™ European Solution Dyed Acrylic
Material Solution Dyed Polyester Solution Dyed Acrylic Solution Dyed Polyester Solution Dyed Acrylic
Weight 11.5 oz 9 oz 8oz 9.25 oz
Initial Tear Strength 46 x 45 11 x 7 20 x 18 16.1 x 15.6
Weathered Tear Strength 16.6 x 10.5 5.6 x 2.2 5.1 x 2.2 7.1 x 2.6
Initial Tensile Strength 500 x 357 285 x 185 490 x 390 300 x170
Weathered Tensile Strength 275 x 93 135 x 80 105 x 97 151 x 70
Initial 3 Drop Rating 14 14 16 12
Weathered 3 Drop Rating 12 5 5 5
Dimensional Stability (stretch/sag) 0.3 x 0 2.0 x .6 0.6 x 0 0.6 x 0
Taber Abrasion (cyc till b/t) 600 90 99 102

All weathered data is after 500 hours in a Carbon Arc (no filters) Sunshine Weatherometer (wet/dry cycles) and approximates 42 months of southern Florida exposure.