Top Gun® Fabric Colors


We offer a wide variety of stock TOP GUN® fabric colors which are completely reversible with our proprietary process of coating both the top and bottom. If you don't find a color that matches your needs, custom colors are easily made.

tg-463-caribbean blue

463 Caribbean Blue


462 Aquamarine

tg-478 teal

478 Teal

tg-466 turquoise

466 Turquoise

tg-479 forest green

479 Forest Green

TG-464 Royal Blue

464 Royal Blue

tg-473-harbor blue

473 Harbor Blue

tg-474 navy blue

474 Navy Blue

tg-467 sea gull gray

467 Sea Gull Gray

tg-458 charcoal

458 Charcoal

tg-471 onyx black

471 Onyx Black

tg-468 arctic white

468 Arctic White

tg-472 indian birch

472 Birch

tg-461 sand

461 Sand

tg-470 buckskin tan

470 Buckskin Tan

465 - hemp beige

465 Hemp Beige

tg-459 taupe

459 Taupe

tg-469 chocolate brown

469 Chocolate Brown

tg-477 sunset rose

477 Sunset Red

tg-476 burgundy

476 Burgundy

Color swatches are an approximation. To see the exact color of the fabric, please request a sample card.