Top Gun® 9 Comparison to Other Coated Fabrics

TOP GUN® 9 is a great midweight fabric for those looking for an economical alternative without having to compromise on performance. Look below at the information comparing TOP GUN® 9 to two other fabrics available on the market.

TOP GUN® 9 vs Aqualon®

TOP GUN® 9 is a 9.0 ounce acrylic coated polyester vs Aqualon® which is 9 ounce vinyl coated polyester. TOP GUN® 9 has better tear and tensile strengths as well as more abrasion resistance. TOP GUN® 9 also is more dimensionally stable, with less stretch and shrink. Also, because TOP GUN® 9 is an acrylic coated (as opposed to vinyl) it will not crack in cold weather or de-laminate under temperature extremes.

TOP GUN® 9 vs Harbor Time®

TOP GUN® 9 is an 9.0 ounce acrylic coated polyester vs Harbor Time® which is around a 10 ounce acrylic coated polyester. The performance (strengths, hydros, etc) of TOP GUN® 9 is much better than the performance of Harbor Time® while being offered at a very competitive price.

Typical Property TOP GUN® 9 Harbor Time®   Aqualon®   
Tear Strength (lb/in) 30 x 29 30 x 25 24 x 20
3 Drop Rating (inches) 33+ 20 20
Relative Abrasion  Resistance 3.0 1.2 1
Stretch (%) 0 x 0 1 x 1 2 x 2
Weight (oz/yd²) 9 10 9
Polymer based coating Acrylic Vinyl Vinyl
Reversible Yes Maybe No