Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does a roll of each fabric weigh?
A. Each fabric has a different weight and also each roll has different put ups. Please look at our typical properties page to see the weights (and all specifications) of all our products.
Q. Can I print on your fabric?
A. Yes,all of our fabrics can be printed on. Some need a more aggressive ink. If you use a solvent based UV ink, you should have no problems. Check out our page on our Printable Fabrics.
Q. Does Marlen Textiles make boat covers or tops?
A. No. Marlen Textiles produces fabrics that people turn into boat covers (among may other things).
Q. Can I weld your fabrics?
A. All of our fabrics can be welded by some technologies. Check out our page on our Weldable Fabrics.
Q. What is the difference between polyester and acrylic fabric?
A. There is a lot of difference, but the main point is that polyester is stronger yarn than acrylic and therefore makes a stronger fabric.
Q. Your coated products use acrylic coating. Is that different than an acrylic fabric?
A. Yes.Our fabrics that are coated with an acrylic coating, use polyester as the base substrate. We use polyester fabric because it is inherently stronger than acrylic fabric.
Q. Why do you use acrylic coating instead of a vinyl coating.
A. Acrylic coatings have tremendous ability to adapt to cold weather. Vinyl on the other hand will tend to crack when it gets cold. Also, vinyl coated products have the tendency to peel off sooner especially under temperature extremes.
Q.What is the difference between a solution dyed fabric and a coated fabric?
A. A solution dyed fabric has the property (color, flame retardancy, etc) blended into the yarn as it is being made. A coated product applies these properties as a coating on top of the fabric.
Q. I hear a lot about breathability. What is this and why is it important?
A. Breathability is a specification that technically determines how much water vapor permeates through a fabric. The number is usually given as grams of water vapor per square meter of fabric per 24 hours (click here to learn about the industry standard and the test procedure). The marine industry has accepted a standard of 625 grams per meter squared as the minimum level of breathability for a fabric to have for a vent to not be needed on a cover. Any fabric with a breathability number less than 625 will need to be vented.
Q. Where can I buy your products?
A. We sell our products through an international network of wholesale distributors. Click here to find one.
Q. How often should I clean my product made out of your fabric?
A. The general rule is when it is needed, but always at least once a year. Please remember that after cleaning, the fabric will need to have a post treatment water repellent, such s AQUA-TITE® GREEN applied. Please click here for our Care & Cleaning page.
Q. Are your products waterproof?
A. Some of our product are highly water resistant, but not waterproof. For a fabric to be 100% waterproof, all the pores must be closed. Very few outdoor fabric on the market are 100% waterproof.
Q. How do you test your fabrics?
A. We adhere to industry test standards. Click here to learn more.
Q. Can you provide custom colors?
A. Yes. Custom colors are easily made. Contact us for more information.
Q. How long does it take to make a custom color?
A. It usually takes less than one week, but depends on the volume of work in our lab,
Q. I find it difficult to cut solution dyed fabrics. Is there a trick?
A. Kind of. It is best to use a sharp pair of scissor when cutting a solution dyed fabric. Please be aware that most solution dyed fabrics will fray when they are cut. We offer PARA SEAL™, which is a topical treatment that prevents fraying.
Q. Do all solution dyed fabrics fray?
A. If there is no coating on one side of the fabric, solution dyed fabrics will fray. Marlen Textiles provides PARA SEAL™, which is a topical treatment to help prevent fraying.
Q. What is the easiest way to apply AQUA-TITE® GREEN?
A. Click here for instructions on how to apply AQUA-TITE® GREEN.
Q. I have mold/mildew on my fabric. How do I get rid of it?
A. Please visit our Care & Cleaning page for instructions.
Q. Is an MSDS available for your fabrics?
A. No. The fabric is a finished product and no MSDS is available. MSDS's are available for our topical treatments.
Q. Where do I find an MSDS for your topical treatments?
A. A list of Safety Data Sheets are located under "Company" on the main page.
Q. Can I still get Aqua-Tite®?
A. No. Aqua-Tite is no longer available. It has been replaced by AQUA-TITE® GREEN.