Updated Marlen Textiles PFAS Free Statement

Updated Marlen Textiles PFAS Free Statement

There have been a lot of news stories lately about PFAS chemicals, otherwise known as “Forever Chemicals.” This topic has also been featured in industry trade magazines, and there have been seminars to educate everyone on what to expect. This is because many states are enacting laws that ban the use of PFAS chemicals in any products shipped into their state. And the dates of bans have started or are drawing near.

As we stated before: Marlen Textiles’ legacy fabrics are PFAS-free. That includes Top Gun, Top Gun 9, Top Gun FR, Top Gun FR Lite, Odyssey, Odyssey Lite, Odyssey FR & Softouch.

We’re proud to confirm that the fabrics above are PFAS-free, and have always been that way since their initial development. You can feel confident using any of these fabrics (even older inventory) because they have always been in compliance with any laws restricting the use of PFAS chemicals.

For the limited subset of other fabrics, Marlen Textiles has found a solution to replace the small amount of PFAS chemicals that were used as part of our water-repellent treatment. “We have always tried to be great stewards of the environment and have always gone above and beyond to make sure any product we manufacture can be used without fearing the impact of not only the end products we make, but also of any waste we create during manufacture,” said Alan Prelutsky, Marlen Textiles Vice President. “As soon as PFAS issues came to light, we began working on a solution that would provide the same benefits to our end customers they are used to, while also adhering to the strictest laws and standards. Now we have achieved our goal, with all new production on these products using ONLY PFAS Free chemicals. This has been the case since December 2023.”

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact us at 573-237-4444 or info@marlentextiles.com. We look forward to facilitating your needs, and together, making our world a better place in which to live.