Top Gun 1S® Comparisons

TOP GUN 1S® vs Aqualon®

TOP GUN 1S® is a 9.0 ounce acrylic coated polyester vs Aqualon® which is 9 ounce vinyl coated polyester.The three main benefits of TOP GUN 1S™ over Aqualon® are:

  • TOP GUN 1S® is more dimensionally stable. Other fabrics stretch too much, giving way to a poor look (cover looks like it was not fit properly). More importantly, it leads to pooling of water, which will eventually cause the cover to leak
  • Coating will last a long time. Most mid level vinyl coated products will crack and de-laminate over time. The TOP GUN 1S® coating is the exact same formula used in our top of the line TOP GUN®, so you know it will last for a long time without any degradation.,
  • Even though both products are coated, meaning the color will not last as long as a solution dyed product, TOP GUN 1S®, using acrylic, will last longer than a similarly pigmented vinyl coating.