MarSolv Color Remover

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MARSOLV™ is an exclusive formulation to easily remove color that has transferred from various fabrics to vinyl seating, upholstery or gel coats. MARSOLV™ removes the transferred colors caused by plasticizer migration from the vinyl without harming the finish of the vinyl. It is available in convenient quart bottles. For material safety data information please click here.


MarSolv™ 898 Cleaning Instructions

1. Apply MarSolv™ 898 by wetting a clean cloth with the solution.
2. Rub in and keep working until unwanted color is removed.
3. If transferred color is in a crevice, use a very soft brush.
4. Watch against color running down upholstery.
5. Rinse with soap and water

Warning: Do not smoke while using MarSolv™ 898!