Softouch™ and Softouch™ SD Comparison to Other Options

There are not many other commercial products available similar to SOFTOUCH™ and SOFTOUCH™ SD. While there are other products available, they are very expensive when compared to our products. SOFTOUCH™ and SOFTOUCH™ SD offers you two reasonably priced alternatives that provides both types of protection in one product. A lot of people looking for weather protection combined with a scratch resistant surface will try create their own by purchasing an outdoor fabric and then sewing some type of non woven material to it. When comparing costs of SOFTOUCH™ and SOFTOUCH™ SD versus a home made solution, please remember to include your labor time to do it in house.

Please keep in mind, Aqualon® Edge Soft is only 59" wide. All other products are 60" wide.

Fabric Typical Wholesale Price* Outer Layer
SOFTOUCH™ < $14.00 Coated
SOFTOUCH™ SD < $16.00 Solution Dyed
Aqualon® Edge Soft > $16.00 Coated
WeatherMax® SG > $20.00 Solution Dyed
Outdura® Trio > $24.00 Solution Dyed

*Typical Wholesale Price based on information gathered from various web sites and talking to various fabricators