Safety Applications

When it comes to safety, no one wants to second guess what they are using. Marlen Textiles' proprietary coatings and special processes create some of the most vibrant colors available. Glass beads can be added to increase visibility and reflectiveness. Flame Retardant can also be added. Marlen Textiles has experience in applications that require flame resistance or reflectivity. So, whether it is a reflective strip sewn into the back of a trailer cover, or the blanket a fireman uses to protect himself, Marlen Textiles can likely provide a solution.


  • Reflective Strip For Trailer Cover
  • Reflective Strip For Barricades
  • Safety Gloves
  • Safety Vests
  • Fire Rescue Apparel
  • Fire Safety Blanket
  • Coin Aprons
  • Newspaper Bags