Odyssey® Acrylic Coated Polyester Fabric

ODYSSEY® is an acrylic coated 100% woven polyester fabric (300 denier) with a clear back coat. It is characterized by excellent strength, durability, tear and abrasion resistance, dimensional stability, & UV and mildew resistance. ODYSSEY® is a light weight fabric that provides long lasting durability without the higher cost and weight of heavier fabrics. ODYSSEY® can be used for outdoor applications such as marine tops, trailer covers, gazebos, canopies, tarps, playground equipment covers, BBQ grill covers, patio furniture covers, stools, cots, luggage, bags, and many other useful applications. ODYSSEY® Open (water permeable) and ODYSSEY® FR (water repellent) are flame retardant versions that are also available. ODYSSEY LITE® is a very light weight, one year fabric.
ODYSSEY®, great value at a great price.

ODYSSEY® is 64" wide, 6.5 ounces per square yard. The light weight along with its durability makes it a great value. Also, it has a soft, pliable hand.

Other benefits include:

  • Lightweight fabric
  • Soft underside that won't scratch
  • 18 stock colors
  • Mildew resistant
  • Highly water repellent
  • Best performing low end fabric on the market
  • Custom colors are easily made
  • Protected by a 3 year warranty