Marlen Textiles announces its year end schedule

Marlen Textiles’ office, production plant and warehouse will be closed Thursday, November 24 and Friday, November 25. As a result, no orders will be entered, nor
any incoming/outgoing shipments will take place. For the end of the year, the last day for plant production will be Thursday, December 22. Orders for shipment in 2022 will be accepted thru Friday, December 23.

Any order received after Dec 23 will not be entered until Tuesday, Jan 3, 2023, with shipment to follow that. Both the office and warehouse will be closed on Monday, Dec 26. Incoming/outgoing shipments will take place Dec 27 thru Dec 29. There will be no shipments on Dec 30.

The office, plant production and warehouse will be closed on Monday, Jan 2, 2023. Our normal schedule will resume Tuesday, Jan 3, 2023.