Boat Lift & Canopy Praises Top Gun®

While the utility of Marlen Textiles’ TOP GUN® acrylic-coated polyester fabric has long been known for its ability to protect all types of equipment such as boats, small planes, outdoor furniture, barbeque grills, playground equipment, gazebos and more, an amazing, true test of its phenomenal strength and durability has recently been completed.

In 1997, the Caravan Stage Company, the only theatre group based on a historic Tall Ship, selected TOP GUN® as the fabric for constructing their 90’-tall mainsails. These sails are required to function in catching the wind to propel the Tall Ship across the sea between North America and Europe, and to also serve as backdrops and projection screens during theatre performances.

After nearly 20 years, bearing the abuse of wind, sun, rain, snow and salt air, these TOP GUN® sails continued to perform perfectly, remaining pliable and preserving most of their original color. When Caravan contacted Marlen Textiles to order replacement material for new sails, Adriana Kelder, Producer and Designer for the Caravan Stage Company Tall Ship Theatre commented that the “TOP GUN fabric has been superb, the very best for our use.” The reason given for replacing the sails was to simply update the look.

What makes TOP GUN® material so strong and durable is its proprietary two-sided acrylic coating on woven polyester fabric that makes it truly resistant to tearing, puncturing and abrasion. It’s also resistant to mildew, is water repellant, has extremely high tensile strength, long-lasting colors and is totally reversible. It won’t crack or peel, even when faced with temperature extremes, and is dimensionally stable, meaning it has the ability to maintain its original dimensions while in use.

What allows TOP GUN® to perform so well on a Tall Ship plying the Atlantic back and forth between continents and up and down the North American coastline also makes it excellent as a protective cover or canopy for regular boat owners. Companies like Boat Lift & Canopy have found it the ideal choice for their replacement boat lift canopy covers.

Boat Lift & Canopy owners David and Amy Sobieski have offered the premier boat lift cover material as a replacement for a few years and stand by the product in marine applications. “Top Gun is a great choice for your boat lift canopy. It’s extremely durable, colorfast and has a weight of 11 oz per square yard - making it the toughest - yet lightest weight material we have available.  Finally, it looks fantastic.”

Boat Lift & Canopy manufactures replacement boat lift covers for all the top brands as well as custom covers in their Lakes Country facility in north-central Minnesota.