Marlen Textiles Expands Warehouse

Marlen Textiles has completed a warehouse expansion and modernizing
operation, resulting in significant increases in quality control, warehouse
efficiencies, and getting the right product out the door the same day to you, our customer!

An initial study showed conflicts in 50% of Marlen warehouse slots, meaning that
different products occupied the same warehouse space, requiring frequent
moving of product to access the desired item. As a solution, newly renovated building space was converted into warehouse space, more racks built, and rooms were prepped for warehouse-level needs.
With the new larger and more efficient warehouse space, Marlen Textiles has our
most popular products available at ground-level for quicker and more convenient access, and each standard and custom product is now isolated to its own rack slot -
minimizing the risk of picking the wrong product, and adding levels of accuracy to
Marlen Textiles’ shipping and product quality control system.