Marlen Textiles extends warranty period for five products

Marlen Textiles, manufacturers of outdoor textiles, has announced an extension of its warranty period for five of its most popular products: Top Notch, Top Notch 9, Top Notch 1S, Top Notch FR and Top Gun FR. The warranty period will be extended from 5 to 8 years for Top Notch, Top Notch 9, Top Notch FR and Top Gun FR and from 3 to 5 years for Top Notch 1S.

            “We have had these products out in the field long enough now to be comfortable extending the warranty as we have seen the product last longer than the current warranty period”, stated Jonathan Chakales, National Sales Manager. “This is a way to align our products’ performance in the field with the warranty”.

            Specific details of the warranty can be found on Marlen Textiles’ web site under each individual product.