Jonathan Chakales named Chairman of MFA

Marlen Textiles is proud to announce that our National Sales Manager, Jonathan Chakales, has been elected to serve a two year term as Chairman of MFA, Marine Fabricators Association.  The term started at the conclusion of the 2018 National Convention. Jonathan had previously served as Vice-Chairman from 2015 - 2017, and served on the Board of Directors from 2011 - 2017.  Jonathan’s objective is to make a stronger organization through resources, membership engagement, and overall growth is mirrored by his dedication to the industry and desire to support increased business growth for all members. 


The Marine Fabricators Association (MFA) provides educational resources for marine fabricator members, hosts the annual Marine Fabricators Convention and regional workshops to demonstrate best practices hands-on, analyzes and shares industry trends with its membership, and brings member companies together to build business. To find out more about MFA, please visit