Top Notch FRĀ® Comparisons

TOP NOTCH FR® is the first solution dyed flame retardant fabric that passes muster. Not only does it's color last, but the flame specification passes both initial and leaching tests.

    TOP NOTCH FR®       Firesist™       WeatherMax FR®    Post FR Treatment 
Street Price $19.00 $24.00 $19.00 ?
Water Resistance Excellent Fair Good ?
Tear Strength Excellent Good Fair ?
Abrasion Resistance Excellent Good Fair ?
Color Fade Excellent Good Good ?
FR Treatment Excellent Good Good ?
FR Longevity Excellent Fair Good ?
Asthetics Excellent Fair Good ?

Click below to see TOP NOTCH FR® versus some main competitors in the "Stairwell Burn" test.

TOP NOTCH® FR vs Firesist™

TOP NOTCH® FR vs WeatherMax FR™

TOP NOTCH® FR vs Mainstreet™

TOP NOTCH® FR vs Sunbrella™ treated by American Flamecoat™